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Common Questions
Everything you need to know about LudoFit
Product Information
+ - What is LudoFit?
LudoFit is a software program that you can download onto your computer or iPad. It offers a variety of video games for strength and balance exercises. These exercises are important for living a healthy and active lifestyle.
+ - Is LudoFit a good fit for me?
LudoFit is a fun and unique way to stay active with video games. If you are looking for a personalized exercise routine for strength, balance, and stamina, LudoFit could be a great fit for you.
+ - How do I exercise with LudoFit?
When exercising with LudoFit games, you will stand in front of your computer’s (or iPad’s) web camera. The web camera will detect your movements. For example, in the ski game, if you squat, the skier will also squat under a tree trunk.
+ - What does LudoFit include?
LudoFit includes:
  • A short, optional strength test
  • A variety of travel-themed exercise games for strength and balance
  • A results dashboard so you can see your progress.
+ - How is LudoFit different from other online or video exercise programs?
Many online fitness programs offer video exercise classes featuring a fitness coach. With LudoFit, you will be getting a workout while having fun. Your experience will always be different. Your challenges will vary and you will also be able to track your progress over time.
+ - Do I need experience with technology to use LudoFit?
Not at all, we designed LudoFit to be easy-to-use. You will find clear instructions and tutorial videos every step of the way. If you experience any issues, we’re here to help.
+ - What should I expect the first time I use LudoFit?
Once you download the application, you will create your login account. When you login, you will be able to browse the different exercise games that LudoFit offers and try them out.

You will have the option to take the strength test or skip it. This test is helpful for customizing the ideal level of challenge for you, but it is optional. You can always come back to it at a later time.

To play a game, you will want to stand in front of your laptop or iPad so that you are visible to the web camera.

Now you're ready to play. Each game takes about 5 minutes. We hope you enjoy it!
+ - How much does LudoFit cost?
For a limited time, we're offering a free three month trial for individuals. There is no commitment and we don't ask for payment details. If you sign up for a free three month trial with LudoFit, you will receive a discount offer before your trial ends.
Using Your Own Device
+ - What devices can I use to run LudoFit?
You can use the following devices:
  • A laptop computer (Apple Mac or Windows)
  • An iPad
  • A desktop computer with a web camera

The following devices will not work:
  • A mobile phone (iPhone or android)
  • An android tablet
  • A chromebook laptop
+ - Do I need an internet connection for LudoFit to work?
Yes, you will need an internet or WiFi connection to play LudoFit.
+ - Can I download LudoFit on my iPad?
Yes, LudoFit works on all iPads purchased after 2014.
You can download LudoFit from the App Store or by selecting the “Download Now” button at the top of this screen.
+ - Can I download LudoFit on my laptop or desktop?
Yes, LudoFit is compatible with both laptops and desktop computers.

If you are using a desktop computer, you will also need to have a web camera.

Please be sure to download the correct application for your type of laptop or desktop. You can choose between Windows or Mac versions.

+ - Can I access LudoFit on more than one device?
Yes, you can download and access LudoFit on all your devices.
+ - Can I download LudoFit on my mobile phone?
No, a mobile phone is not suitable for running LudoFit. LudoFit has to detect your exercise movements as well as play video games. Right now, a mobile phone does not have the capabilities to run the program.
+ - Why do I need to download LudoFit? Is it possible to just access it online?
No, it's not possible to play LudoFit with an online browser. LudoFit has to detect your exercise movements as well as play video games. An online browser is not capable of running this technology. It is necessary to download the program to enjoy the unique experience of LudoFit.
Download & Setup
+ - How do I download the LudoFit application?
To download LudoFit, click here, or select the “Download Now” button at the top of this screen.

When downloading LudoFit, be sure to use the device that you plan to use it on, like your laptop or iPad.
+ - How long does it take to download LudoFit?
It takes about 5 minutes to download LudoFit, when your device is connected to the internet.
+ - Is there help during set up?
Absolutely. If you would like, our Customer Service team will be happy to assist you over the phone. You can contact us by phone at 1-888-736-‍5836 or by email at hello@ludo.fit
+ - How do I position my device so that my web camera can detect my movements?
If you are using a laptop, you will need to make sure that your screen is upright and placed on a table. This will help the web camera see most of your movements.

If you are using an iPad, we recommend keeping it horizontal and upright. You can keep the iPad upright by placing an object like a book behind it. Or if you would like, we recommend the UGREEN Tablet Stand. It costs about $12 on Amazon, and you can find it by visiting this link: UGREEN Tablet Stand
+ - How much space will I need in front of my device?
You will need about 5 feet of space between you and your device
+ - What if I forget my username and password?
Your user name is your email address. If you forget your password, you can click on this link to reset your password.
+ - Can my spouse, partner or friend use the same login?
No, we don't recommend sharing your account. LudoFit personalizes the games for your specific level of challenge.
+ - What if I have ideas or feedback for LudoFit?
We would love to hear any feedback you have about your experience. Please email hello@ludo.fit or give us a call.
+ - Is LudoFit available around the world?
We currently provide support within the United States and Canada. LudoFit is available in English and French.
Privacy and Security
+ - Is LudoFit recording me with the camera?
No, your web camera is not recording your session. The camera is only used as a motion sensor to detect and measure your movements when you play a game.
+ - Is LudoFit safe and secure?
We care about your privacy and security and we understand your concerns. We will never sell your personal information to third-party advertisers.

LudoFit works with many healthcare partners. We follow all Federal laws protecting private health information and ensure that your data is private, safe and secure.
+ - What information do you collect?
LudoFit collects information like your name, email address and performance during exercise play. Using this data, LudoFit personalizes the games for you and tracks your results. This makes your experience more fun and motivating, and the results will help you track your progress over time.

Your data is safe and stored on a secure Microsoft server in the United States. We will not share it with anyone without your permission.
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